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We chose epaCUBE’s suite because of their complete approach to the problem of cleansing and synchronizing product data internally across our own systems and externally with our trading partners.–Electrical Wholesaler

The complexities of pricing, rebates, special pricing agreements and true cost calculations are a huge challenge in our business. Like never before possible, with epaCUBE, we now a have a clear view of our past, current and potential future pricing and gross margin performance.–Electrical and Equipment Distributor

We see this (epacube) will  be a valuable application to supplement our Eclipse system and the PDW. It will help us address our data quality issues proactively so that other areas of our business aren’t affected by problematic changes that come from sources outside of our control. Additionally, the Margin Manager application will augment our Strategic Pricing Associates solution to provide us with visibility and impact on the price changes we introduce.–Industrial and Electrical Controls Distributor

The DMU (data mapping utility) has made our jobs much easier as well. Where we used to update our price and cost for each of our branches separately (7 branches) we now can update all 7 at one time. Plus again, the ability to scrub and correct data across multiple records versus one record at a time is much easier.–Industrial and Electrical Distributor

I’ve been in this industry for 13 years and until now we have not had a tool that allows us to proactively manage pricing. epaCUBE is an enormous leap from the current archaic tools and I am extremely excited about its power and potential.–Industrial and Electrical Distributor

epaCUBE Distributor Pricing Sciences will help us to see who our customers really are, how large and which items are important to them.  This will help us to have more consistent pricing for similar customers and products.–Industrial and Electrical Distributor

We have been plugging along trying to get a handle on our pricing structure and pretty much flying blind. After experiencing the early stages of the Distributor Pricing Science product our expectations are very high. We are looking to have greater clarity of information to make more informed decisions going forward. This will be a great tool to get immediate results.–Industrial Distributor

Within six months of installing Margin Manager, we cut overrides by 40%; reduced customer invoicing errors, and improved sales, margins, and customer service. If your bottom line is 2%, and you increase your margin by only one point without changing your overhead, you’ve just improved your bottom line by 50%, That’s huge... our President is very happy.–Industrial and Electrical Controls Distributor

epaCUBE provides us with a proactive approach to managing our product data files. We no longer have to blindly trust that our suppliers have provided us data and pricing files that are error-free. Data problems that used to show up weeks and even months down the road are now headed off on the front end before they can infiltrate our systems.–Industrial and Electrical Controls Distributor

epaCUBE enables our distributor customers to develop and enhance their “core competency” in data management, pricing and gross margin optimization.  Click on the options below to learn more!

A powerful solution that cleanses and improves data quality, dramatically increases productivity, and streamlines integration with internal systems and outside trading partners

Advanced functionality to analyze and manage costs, sell prices, promotions, discounts, chargebacks, and other key attributes

Analyze data, group customers and products and publish pricing guidelines to gain the upper hand in negotiations