Optimizing Segments

Optimizing Segments Price optimization is more than just crunching numbers. It requires proper segmentation, which requires the application of your own knowledge of markets, strategy and tactics in your business and industry. Bad segments can lead to skewed data. For example, not all small customers should be treated like small customers. Some products in price-sensitive…


Dealing with High and Low Gross Profit Outliers

Dealing with High and Low Gross Profit Outliers The most obvious and easiest place for your team to start is to address the lowest gross profit outliers that are below the statistical floor. Your pricing managers can then tag these exceptions for management action or new sales negotiations. You also need to identify the outliers…


Floors and Ceilings, Targets and Ranges

Floors and Ceilings, Targets and Ranges At the most fundamental level, the approach epaCUBE takes to distributor pricing is to analyze your sales history and then apply statistical formulae to create a minimum and maximum range, a statistical floor and ceiling, a target price and then evaluate acceptable ranges in that statistical distribution. At the…


Distribution Pricing is More Complex Than Retail Pricing

Distribution Pricing is More Complex Than Retail Pricing The approach that many experts take to pricing optimization is based on the worlds of retail and manufacturing. Unfortunately, retail pricing is much less complex than distribution pricing. In retail, there is a fairly consistent linear relationship between volume and margin. If I lower my prices, I’m…


Pricing Optimization Myths Busted!

ADD 2% to 4% to Your Gross Profit by Building an Optimized Pricing Matrix!

Time: Fri, Jun 29, 2012 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

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Building an optimized pricing matrix for a gross profit maximization strategy requires the balance of both art and science. epaCUBE’s Distributor Pricing Science software suite thinks like a distributor.  We understand the reasons products are grouped together when establishing prices and how consistency helps in developing relationships with customers.

Here are just a few of the topics we will be covering in this webinar:


A bunch of fun in Las Vegas…

The 2012 Epicor Insights conference was a bunch of fun in Las Vegas!  Over 35 Epicor user companies attended the session on “Optimizing Pricing for Distributors.”  We discussed both the opportunities and challenges of implementing a gross profit and pricing optimizing initiative. We finished the session by showing how epaCUBE’s software gives distributors the power to…


Optimizing Pricing for Distributors

Learn how a distributor can develop their own Core Competency for Continuously Managing and Optimizing their Customer Pricing for Gross Profit Maximization! Check out this (8) Minute video: http://vimeo.com/41186205 epaCUBE’s Distributor Pricing Science suite thinks of pricing like a distributor.  We understand the reasons products are grouped together when establishing prices, and how consistency helps in developing…


Revere Electric Supply Selects epaCUBE for use with Epicor Eclipse and PDW!

DALLAS, Texas, April 30, 2012 – epaCUBE, an innovative provider of Product Management, Data Cleansing, Pricing and Margin Management solutions announced that Revere Electric has licensed their full Product Data Management Suite and Margin Manager Solution. “We are honored to be working with a market leader and one of the most operationally excellent companies in…


Curtail Price Overrides with epaCUBE Margin Manager

Case Study from an epaCUBE Margin Manager User Rusty Wells, State Electric A two- or three-point improvement in gross profit can translate into a significant increase in sales and net income, as shown  by State Electric Supply Co.. When the firm installed epaCUBE Margin Manager to find opportunities for margin improvement, management realized that account representatives…


North Coast Electric Company adds MORE solutions from epaCUBE!

epaCUBE is proud to announce North Coast Electric Company has signed an agreement for our innovative Distributor Pricing Science software solution.  North Coast adds the Distributor Pricing Science (DPS) modules to their already successful implementation of epaCUBE’s Product Data Management and Margin Manager modules.  Distributor Pricing Science adds to North Coast’s initiatives with epaCUBE to optimize gross…