Driving Growth in Gross Profit

Financial executives in distribution companies have turned to epaCUBE for many reasons:

  • Concerns over margin erosion
  • Loss of revenue to increased competition
  • Worries over maximizing inducements such as rebates, shipping discounts, payment terms and more
  • Missing out on the impact of a vendor cost change that results in a reduced profits
  • Concern over a lack of a standardized pricing strategy that is consistently applied across the organization to maximize profits

Pricing strategies in distribution have come a long way in recent years. Many financial executives know they need to address pricing and analyze the impact of vendor cost changes, yet they fear that what is required today is a sophisticated analytical framework that might be too difficult to implement in their own company.

Fortunately, epaCUBE can provide an easy path to gross profit improvement from price optimization. epaCUBE automatically calculates and identifies your gross profit opportunities. You immediately see where you can take action right now to improve gross profit through better pricing. For many epaCUBE users, it’s not uncommon to find opportunities worth over half-a-million dollars in gross profit improvement for a specific customer segment buying a specific group of products.

epaCUBE has studied the distribution industry’s best pricing practices, consulted with distribution industry experts and implemented the best strategies across hundreds of distribution clients to help your team identify new opportunities for gross profit improvement. epaCUBE delivers the sophisticated science, modeling and analysis while allowing your team to add their own market knowledge to improve profit even further.