Gross Profit Analytics

What is your GPA (Gross Profit Analytics Score)?

(available in Cloud and On Premise Offerings)

Want to know where you can find Gross Profits buried deep and lost in your Product, Cost, Price, Rebate and Sales Transactional Data?

Gross Profit Analytics from epaCUBE identifies what you could do right now to yield the highest margin return.

Distribution is a fast paced business characterized by high transaction volume and constantly changing, costs, rebates and product data.   Most distributor executives know there is gross margin loss in this over-whelming environment.   If only you they had the time, expertise and knowledge to know where to look first to reclaim the highest amount of profits lost in this data chaos.

Using our Distribution DNA developed with front line experience, epacUBE’s Gross Profit Analytics was built to look though your transactional, cost & price data to provide recommendations for specific steps you can take now to improve gross margin.

Gross Profit Analytics is your compass, pointing straight toward potential paths to gross profit improvement in your distribution business.