Optimized Segment Builder

Create Robust and Accurate Price Matrices with epaCUBE’s Optimized Segment Builder

(available in Cloud and On Premise Offerings)

When it come to your price matrices:

  • Do you punt and set prices at the customer level?
  • Do you just allow overrides since it all seems complex?
  • Do you seek a price consultant because it is not a core competency?

Distributor Pricing is critical in maintaining profits, at epaCUBE, we want to enable distributor to make pricing a strength.

epaCUBE Optimized Segment Builder Allows Visualization:

  • Understand how bad orders can drastically impact pricing calculations
  • Clearly understand who is underperforming and why
  • Have the ability to model changes and directly impact margin
  • Know where to make the changes, and by how much

There are exceptions to rules, and that is certainly true when it comes to segmentation of customers and products. Not every customer who is in the same line of work, purchases exactly the same products. Using the epaCUBE solution allows you to account for differences and align performance accordingly.

Here’s How The Optimized Segment Builder Delivers Accuracy to a Pricing Managers Decisions

epaCUBE has a bunch of experience in the industry, a lot of customers, and a lot of big brains, so you can trust us. Of course, you should be more specific than this, but you get the idea

Inclusions and Exclusions

  • Filter the Data to allow for typical matrix based transactions
  • Identify transactions that skew data typical pricing calculations
  • Exclude transactions based upon business rules and direct insight
  • Identify product group errors that prevent National Account pricing accuracy

Segment Overview

  • Identify performance of customers to peers
  • View product performance to product grouping
  • View how transactions and groups directly impact sell price calculations

Exception Handling

  • Reclassify exceptional customer performance at the product group level
  • Identify inconsistent product grouping of products
  • Visualize loss leader performance

Setting the sell price to your customer is an essential core competency for distributors; let epaCUBE take you to the next level where you create accurate pricing matrices that handle exceptional performance.