Profit Optimizer™

A Cloud-based Solution with a Laser Focus on a Significant Distribution Challenge

Do you understand the impact of vendor cost updates on your customers and gross margin?

  • What does a 5% average vendor price increase mean you within your product sales mix?
  • How does this impact my business?
  • How will this impact my customers?
  • Is there an opportunity to make money?
  • Can you direct me to areas to negotiate with my suppliers and my customers?

Most distributors share these same problems. Fortunately, epaCUBE Profit Optimizer focuses on understanding the real impact of a vendor price increase on your business.

"We can now proactively react to the impact of a Vendor Price Increase." -- epaCUBE Distributor Customer

epaCUBE Profit Optimizer™ is quick to implement and has a fast path to ROI with a monthly subscription

  • Compare Vendor price update to historical sales analysis
  • Pre-build dashboards to identify potential areas to negotiate with your suppliers
  • Clearly see and understand the gross margin impact of a vendor update on your product sales mix
  • Obtain information to better negotiate net into stock, special pricing agreements or rebates with suppliers
  • Understand the commercial impact of changing costs and pricing on your gross margin and your customer pricing

See how Profit Optimizer™ and the entire epaCUBE Gross Profit Optimization Suite can help you keep all your systems running smoothly with “clean burning fuel” in the form accurate, up-to-date product data.