Trade Service Margin Optimizer™

Trade Service Margin Optimizer™

powered by epaCUBE

Analyze & Model the Future Impact of Trade Service
eDataFlex Supplier Price Updates on Your Gross Margin

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Margin Optimizer allows the Trade Service distributor customer to clearly see and understand how supplier cost changes impact your pricing performance and gross profits. Actionable intelligence gained can then be applied to stem profit loss and avert future negative results.

Understanding the effects of supplier cost changes on your pricing and gross margin BEFORE you start selling product is critical to preserving and increasing your profits.

The Margin Optimizer service is tied to your weekly Trade Service eDataFlex price updates so you can see and evaluate, in advance, the specific impact the week’s changes will have on your bottom line if left unaddressed.

Powered by epaCUBE and available directly from Trade Service systems at

Find elusive answers to these business critical questions:

  • Respond to a Supplier Price Increase, Not React
  • Visualize the Trade Service Price Update File
  • Understand the Contribution of Product Mix
  • Prioritize my Actions for Responding to Price Change
  • Manage Commercial Negotiation Issues Proactively
  • See Where Price Increases Can Be Made
  • Create a List of Products for a SPA
  • Create a List for Net-Into-Stock

Cloud-based Solution

  • No software to buy
  • No hardware to buy
  • Accessible via the web
  • Easy ramp-up

Distributor requirements

  • Access to the Internet
  • Ability to extract and transmit product, pricing, and sales history data (via email or FTP)
  • Trade Service eDataFlex® Pricing Service subscriber

Trade Service Margin Optimizer™ is an offering of the epaCUBE Price Optimization Module and tailored for easy implementation by Trade Service eDataFlex™ Customers.