eMPG Founders Group wakes up to the Beach and a Beautiful Day

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The founders of the epaCUBE eMPG (Masters Pricing Group) all arrived safe and sound last night. Honorable mention honors to Todd Rolleri from North Coast Electric, Seattle, WA, for “most miles traveled” to Florida!

Good conversation, great cocktails while the beach and ocean provided a great backdrop here at One Ocean in Neptune Beach, FL.   Maybe this place is too nice (perhaps distracting) to have a conference on pricing excellence.   Gotta keep all us pricing data freaks focused!

Dan Barlow is kicking off the event this morning.   Great to see many old and new friends.

Best comment of the morning goes to Rob Gannon, epaCUBE Application Developer, “Hi, I am Rob, my meal ticket is dependent on epaCUBE helping you (epaCUBE customers) to make more money…so, LET’s EAT”.


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Randy Hughes is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at epaCUBE (a leading supplier of pricing optimization, gross margin modeling and product data synchronization & cleansing software to the supply chain). Mr. Hughes has spent the last 25 years developing and marketing technology solutions for various aspects of automating the supply chain.

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