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Dallas, TX, Jan 3, 2011: epaCUBE will once again be attending and presenting at the annual Infor TUG U2U Conference, Feb 15-18, 2012 at the JW Marriott, San Antonio, TX.

TUG • U2U is the annual conference for licensed users of Infor Distribution Software products. Over 150 sessions of technical, managerial and executive content over three days along with a marketplace of third party solution providers make this THE distribution event to attend this year.

epaCUBE is proud to once again support the Infor Distribution Community as a platinum sponsor of the 2012 TUG Connects Conference”, stated Randy Hughes, VP of Sales & Marketing at epaCUBE.

epaCUBE has several sessions including users presenting (see dates and times below) how they are using our products to increase gross margin and improve the accuracy of product data.

Product Data Quality: the Achilles Heel for Distributor Information Technology

Duration: 60 Minutes

epaCUBE Presenter: Sharon Newlin, Prof Services Mgr. & Randy Hughes, VP of Sales & Marketing

Imperfect product data is more than just an unnecessary tax on your business. Without clean, accurate product information, other operational systems can fail and lead to dangerously costly, time-consuming or even fatal problems. Often many distributors realize the full impact of “bad data” when they venture out to the web. Whether required for your ERP system, web storefront or for sharing product data internally and with customers, distributors know product content is often the “Achilles heel” – limiting the success of the these projects.

Attend this session to learn the nuts and bolts of implementing the epaCUBE Product Data Management Suite to improve Product Data Quality for your Infor ERP and Web Storefront. Learn how to automate and accelerate the “on-going process” of ensuring all your systems get the clean burning fuel required in the form of accurate product data

Profit Plays with epaCUBE Margin Manager™

Time: 60 Min

epaCUBE Presenter: Dan Barlow, VP of Customer Success & Randy Hughes, VP of Sales & Marketing

Lack of Visibility into ALL Aspects of Gross Margin Management can erode your gross margin.

epaCUBE Margin Manager™ models and analyzes the “FUTURE” impact of change to any margin-affecting dimension of data, right down to the warehouse / product / customer levels. Gain a visibility, never before possible, into the “Actual” or “What if” impact of cost, rebate and price changes on your gross margin. In this presentation, we will be discussing where hidden profits might be found and how to use the epaCUBE Margin Manager™ Modeling System to drive margins up by 2% to 6% or higher.

Attend this session to understand how the Margin Manager™ module can help you incorporate strategic profit plays, enabling distributors to:

  • Quickly access margin opportunities during a vendor price increase.
  • Identifying Items and Business Reasons for Negotiating Net-Into-Stock Opportunities
  • Finding Pricing Matrix Change Opportunities through Macro Level Price Optimization Analysis
  • Negotiating New Vendor/Customer Contracts
  • Renegotiating Existing Vendor/Customer Contracts
  • Dashboard Controls for Measuring the total ROI Opportunity Created
  • Negotiation of better SPA’s (Strategic Price Agreements) with suppliers

Building an Optimized Pricing Matrix

Time: 75 Min

epaCUBE Presenter: Dan Barlow, VP of Customer Success

While pricing is one of the more significant variables affecting a distributor’s profitability, relatively few dollars have been spent automating pricing management and optimization. Most distributors attempt to maintain extensive pricing schemas in their operational systems and create reports to analyze events long after the facts are available. Excessive sell price overrides often are symptoms of gross margin loss further highlighting the difficulty of building an accurate pricing matrix. However, the ability to truly properly segment customers and products to optimize pricing, has been more elusive. Some distributors have attempted to outsource pricing all together simply to determine on-going pricing optimization requires an internal focus. Building and/or enhancing this “internal core competency” in pricing optimization and management is the without question the #1 initiative a distributor can implement to improve gross margin in 2012.

In this session, epaCUBE will be introducing a new “Distributor Pricing Science Suite” of software modules that will change the way distributors view pricing, and empower them to develop this essential core competency. We will discuss the need for developing context in pricing through proper segmentation and provide a software solution which allows for visualization and handling of pricing exceptions. The results are an accurate optimized pricing matrix to maximize profits, and minimize overrides. The best part…the person who does pricing for your customers – is you!

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About epaCUBE, Inc.

epaCUBE was founded on the premise that “real dollars” could be reclaimed in the supply chain by solving the problems and overcoming the challenges associated with optimizing “pricing & gross margin” over “continuously” cleansed and up-to-date product data. The Product Data Management, Gross Profit Optimization and Distributor Pricing Science Suites give a company the powerful ability to manage every aspect of its product mix, specifically and accurately target its customers and their consumers, and negotiate with suppliers from a position of strength based upon complete knowledge of its products.

epaCUBE enables companies to easily manage product information across existing business processes and systems. It is a powerful solution that improves data quality, dramatically increases productivity, and streamlines integration with internal systems & outside trading partners while helping distributors build their “internal core competency” in pricing and gross margin optimization.


About the Author:

Randy Hughes is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at epaCUBE (a leading supplier of pricing optimization, gross margin modeling and product data synchronization & cleansing software to the supply chain). Mr. Hughes has spent the last 25 years developing and marketing technology solutions for various aspects of automating the supply chain.

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