epaCUBE Customer Snapshot: Horizon Solutions

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“Horizon Solutions is using Clean, Accurate and Up-to-Date Product Data to Improve Customer Service and Reduce Operational Costs” 

By combining high-technology products and engineering with a portfolio of supply chain solutions, HORIZON SOLUTIONS LLC seeks to strengthen its position as the leading distributor serving the manufacturing, industrial and construction sectors of Northern New England and Upstate New York.  Horizon Solutions works hard each day to fully understand the challenges their customers face and provide measurable, bottom-line solutions.

It is this commitment to continuous improvement that drove Horizon to implement epaCUBE’s suite of solutions for improved product data quality, synchronization, and gross profit optimization.

“The epaCUBE suite of products enables Horizon to eliminate duplication of data and to maintain a much more accurate product database in our back office system and e-commerce systems”, stated Don Harrington, Senior VP of Information Systems at Horizon Solutions.  “Using epaCUBE to flush out the inaccuracies in our data is proving to be of immediate value. The epaCUBE Data Cleanser and Synchronizer modules are powerful tools that are revolutionizing the way we at Horizon manage our product data.  Using a largely automated repository to obtain, translate, clean and store our product and cost data to update multiple product databases has immense and practical benefits for us and our customers.”

Horizon’s data management objectives go beyond just back office system product data management.   Beyond providing clean and synchronized data to their systems, their plan is to utilize the epaCUBE product information database for many other business practices at Horizon Solutions.  Through better product data management, epaCUBE is helping Horizon to become a more effective and efficient supplier to their customers.

“I had the privilege of being the project manager for the implementation of epaCUBE at Horizon Solutions Corp.”, stated Bob Brinthaupt of Horizon Solutions.  “The epaCUBE Suite provides us with a tool to fully integrate our vendor data with our ERP system and provides a a very powerful tool for managing much more than just data. The core of how we do our business is positively impacted by epaCUBE.  The user interface is easy to use and drilling down to the data details is easy to understand and follow. The epaCUBE Product Data Management Suite is an excellent tool for weeding out the ’bad stuff’ in product data to help improve customer services, increase productivity, and reduce costs.”

About Horizon Solutions:  Horizon Solutions LLC provides their OEM, Contractor, and MRO customers with quality products and service from Buffalo, NY to Bangor, ME.  Horizon serves the Northeast with the very best for electrical, automation, industrial, safety and material handling needs. At their core, HORIZON remains a family-owned business serving their customers with knowledge, experience, and quality products.  With over 250 employees and 9 branches, Horizon offers the services of a hometown distributor with the strength and resources of a much larger company.



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Randy Hughes is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at epaCUBE (a leading supplier of pricing optimization, gross margin modeling and product data synchronization & cleansing software to the supply chain). Mr. Hughes has spent the last 25 years developing and marketing technology solutions for various aspects of automating the supply chain.

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