Graphics Solutions Group selects epaCUBE for strategic pricing initiatives

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Dallas, TX – May 31, 2008 – epaCUBE, an innovative provider of product data quality and gross profit optimization solutions announced that Graphics Solutions Group of Dallas, TX has licensed their full suite of Product Synchronization, Cleansing, Pricing, and Margin Optimization software.

Graphics Solutions. will leverage epaCUBE’s solutions to model and analyze the impact of cost and price changes on gross margin.

“The economic challenges of today’s marketplace validate our strategy of continuous improvement in operational excellence.   We chose to implement epaCUBE’s product data management and price modeling suite as part of on-going efforts to provide exceptional value and service to our customers with the very best overall return to our stakeholders and employees.” said Mark Granberry, President of Graphic Solutions Group.

“Graphics Solutions Group is a leader in their market”, stated Randy Hughes, Vice President of epaCUBE.  “We look forward to working with Graphic Solutions to improve product data quality and provide them better visibility into how cost and price strategies can improve their overall return on investment.”

About Graphics Solutions.

Graphics Solutions Group sets the standard as a provider of products and technology to the Sign, Digital Imaging and Screen-Printing industries.  By providing quality products, innovative solutions, and technological expertise, Graphic Solutions strives to lower their customer’s overall production costs, thereby increasing their return on their investment. In the same vein, we will strive to achieve strong financial performance within Graphic Solutions Group, Inc., which benefits our customers, suppliers, our employees and our stakeholders.

About epaCUBE, Inc.

epaCUBE was founded on the premise that “real dollars” could be reclaimed in the supply chain by solving the problems and overcoming the challenges associated with optimizing “gross margin” over “continuously” cleansed and up-to-date product data.  The Product Data Management and Gross Profit Optimization tools give a company the powerful ability to manage every aspect of its product mix, specifically and accurately target its customers and their consumers, and negotiate with suppliers from a position of strength based upon complete knowledge of its products.  epaCUBE enables companies to easily manage product information across existing business processes and systems.  It is a powerful solution that improves data quality, dramatically increases productivity, and streamlines integration with internal systems and outside trading partners.

High performance companies thrive from this type of product knowledge, and epaCUBE’s goal is to make this level of product information available to the distribution market in a packaged, affordable solution.

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Randy Hughes is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at epaCUBE (a leading supplier of pricing optimization, gross margin modeling and product data synchronization & cleansing software to the supply chain). Mr. Hughes has spent the last 25 years developing and marketing technology solutions for various aspects of automating the supply chain.

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