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Dallas, TX  June 1, 2011:   Lane Automotive in Michigan has selected epaCUBE to improve the accuracy of products data for all of Crossroad C&I’s internal systems.

Known the world over as a premier supplier of performance parts and accessories for racers, hot rodders, truck and off-road enthusiasts, Lane Automotive’s divisions include Motor State Distributing, Allstar Performance, Lane Collectables, and the Lane Automotive Showroom. Today, the company serves customers around the world from a 153,000 square foot warehouse/office complex located in Watervliet, Michigan, at the intersection of Interstate 94 and Michigan 140.

As note on their website “Lane Automotive website looks to the future, and the ever-changing challenges of meeting the needs of the traditional speed equipment market.”.  Product lines are continually being added as new parts and accessories are developed and introduced to the public. The 21st century is here… and Lane Automotive is ready

“We are honored to help enable Lane Automotive for optimizing the accuracy of their product data in support of their customer service efforts and growth plans.” Stated George Dunham, CEO of epaCUBE.

About epaCUBE, Inc.

epaCUBE’s Suite of software applications which empowers and enables distributors to manage every aspect of its product mix, specifically and accurately target customers with optimized pricing and negotiate  with suppliers from a position of strength. Our focus is to enable our customer to manage, model and optimize ALL aspects of Gross Profit Optimization


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Randy Hughes is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at epaCUBE (a leading supplier of pricing optimization, gross margin modeling and product data synchronization & cleansing software to the supply chain). Mr. Hughes has spent the last 25 years developing and marketing technology solutions for various aspects of automating the supply chain.

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