Myths, Truths & Practical Advice for Your “Pricing & Gross Profit Optimization Game Plan”

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Join us for a Webinar on September 27

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Attend a free webinar to learn how to develop a pricing and gross profit margin optimization game plan for your wholesale distribution business.

Dan Barlow, VP of Customer Success at epaCUBE will outline “specific plays” you can run to improve gross margin and build your bottom line profits, including:

Fog of War Play: How to maximize Gross Profit during a Vendor Price Increase.

SPA Opportunity Play: How to dig into the rebate and supplier SPA (special pricing agreement) side of the equation to reclaim gross profits.

Distributor Pricing Science: Learn about the pros and cons of applying various segmentation and price sensitivity analysis to your overall game plan for increasing gross margin.

Over-ride Over-time Play: Use this play to gain visibility into the true symptoms of price over-ride and gain new insight on how to reduce gross margin losses.

Pre-Game Plays: Data Correction and Synchronization: Understand how the lack of accurate or up-to-date product data related to pricing, costs and rebates is the “Achilles heel” of pricing and gross margin optimization

Gross Profit Optimization Analytics Play: How can you start eating the “gross profit optimization elephant” one bite at a time and begin adding NOW to your bottom line by 2% or more.

The Draft: Who in your company might need to be recruited to play critical roles in your overall gross profit improvement strategies.

Register to attend this important webinar to learn how distributors just like you have ADDED TO their gross profit dollars by 2% or more!

About our Speaker: Dan Barlow, VP of Customer Success at epaCUBE, Inc.

Mr. Barlow has extensive experience through a variety of senior sales and operations management in the supply chain with both manufacturing and distribution. Prior to joining epaCUBE, Dan spent eight (8) years with Rockwell Automation as a field sales representative, six (6) years with Warren Electric and eleven (11) years with The Reynolds, Company.

Title: Myths, Truths & Practical Advice for Your “Gross Profit Optimization Game Plan”

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM EDT

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About the Author:

Randy Hughes is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at epaCUBE (a leading supplier of pricing optimization, gross margin modeling and product data synchronization & cleansing software to the supply chain). Mr. Hughes has spent the last 25 years developing and marketing technology solutions for various aspects of automating the supply chain.

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