Distributor Pricing Science

Developing Your Core Competency in Pricing with epaCUBE

epaCUBE’s Distributor Pricing Science suite thinks of pricing like a distributor. We understand the reasons products are grouped together when establishing prices, and how consistency helps in developing relationships with customers. Let epaCUBE enable you to know when to strategically change prices, and guide you in setting the levels.

Optimized Segment Builder

There are exceptions to every rule, especially when considering customer buying behaviors. Using the Optimized Segment Builder, you can optimize the pricing to handle exceptions and remove transactions that skew the data when creating a pricing matrix. Test your changes and edits and watch the margin percentages grow.

Optimized Matrix Manager

The key to building an optimized matrix is through optimized segmentation, but without sales, branch manager, etc. approval of the results, adoption can be formidable. Use the approval capabilities in the Optimized Matrix Manager to determine the price method, get approvals and load the results directly back into your ERP.

WATCH VIDEO of Distributor Pricing Science HERE!