Gross Profit Optimization

epaCUBE’s Gross Profit Optimization Suite Drives Bottom Line Improvements

Advanced functionality to analyze, model, manage and optimize costs, sell prices, promotions, discounts, rebates, Special pricing agreements chargebacks, and other key attributes

Gross Profit Modeling and Management

Model and manage the future actual or what if impact of change (cost, list price and customer pricing at any level) on gross margin.

Promotions and Contract Pricing

Designed to handle advertising, performance, and off-invoice allowances as well as 2-way and 3-way contracts, epaCUBE Gross Profit Optimization enforces user-defined business rules to convert allowances from the “buy” to the “sell” side.

Advanced Cost Management

Extends Synchronizer™’s functionality to support complex costing requirements and analyze the impact of cost changes on margin, inventory valuation, and other key metrics.

Rebates, Chargebacks and Accruals

epaCUBE Gross Profit Optimization provides visibility and control of manufacturer rebates, and accurately tracks chargebacks and accruals across the enterprise.