“Fog of War” Add-on for Margin Manager

Optimizing Your Gross Profits during a Vendor Price Update

One of the best times to analyze gross profit improvement opportunities is during a vendor price update.   However, this is a time when changes are happening rapidly, and most distributors don’t have the time or expertise to sift through mountains of digital data find critical information necessary to negotiate with suppliers and customers.   The result, gross profit is often lost, never to be reclaimed.

epaCUBE’s “Fog of War” is an add-on extending the capabilities of the Margin Manager™ modeling engine.   Using epaCUBE’s knowledge and experience in the industry, cost change, price, rebate and sales transactions are automatically analyzed.   The user is then presented with a dashboard of potential “gross profit improvement plays” that can be run now to increase the bottom line.

With the Fog of War Addonto Margin Manager™, user can easily and quickly:

Find information to negotiate improved Net-Into-Stock cost from suppliers

  • Determine Highest Impact Item(s)
  • Items That Changed product groupings
  • Margin Squeeze
  • Highest Price Increase Over Time
  • Find Products with High Overrides

Clearly see specific opportunities for New or Existing SPA/Quote Negotiation

  • High Impact Transition to Secure Share
  • Clear Indication of Appropriate Levels
  • Cost of Material AND Sell Price to Customer
  • Maintain Existing Revenues
  • SPA/Quote Re-Negotiation
  • Add Missing Items
  • Correct Poor Levels
  • Account for PGC Changes

See information to  better negotiate pricing wtih customers

  • Proactively understand commercial issues of vendor cost updates on your customers
  • Vendor View of Opportunity
  • Many-to-One Opportunities
  • Increase Lower Values