Product Data Management

A Central Platform to Manage and Synchronize Product and Supplier information across the extended enterprise

epaCUBE’s Product Data Management suite enables companies to evaluate vendor changes in item information before processing those changes into production. It is a powerful solution that cleanses and improves data quality, dramatically increases productivity, and streamlines integration with internal systems and outside trading partners.


The Synchronizer™

Module incorporates powerful and configurable “data goverance rules” user-defined cleansing rules and process automation to ensure data conforms to company-specific standards.

Our “data governance” rules engine includes powerful analytics that evaluate the impact of each change. The alert engine measures the effect of a change on the enterprise data and notifies the appropriate user to exceptions for proper handling.


provides a flexible, extensible, out-of-the-box product information management solution utilizing our Flexible Data Model.

Data Mapping Utility

Sophisticated enough to handle even the I.T. professional’s more complex product data mapping requirements, while user-friendly enough for the novice business user to master.

The easiest way we know of to move data from one system to another, from flat files into a system, or to generate flat files for complete portability.

Data Cleanser

Use “Powerful Fuzzy Matching Logic” to match and de-dup product databases or consolidate multiple product data files form acquisitions.