Data Cleanser

Unique fuzzy logic engine integrates, merges, purges and consolidates master data

epaCUBE Data Cleanser is a graphical solution that takes the challenge out of item master consolidation, acquired companies product data integration and simplifies the tasks of data cleansing and item conversions.

As a distributor have you ever faced these challenges when loading in product data into your systems?

  • Current product databases have been built over several years and often suffer with duplicates
  • No real processes implemented to insure a single product does not get set up multiple times with minor or major variations
  • Acquired companies product database needs to be merged into one or more company masters

epaCUBE Data Cleanser helps you solve these problems and more

epaCUBE Data Cleanser enables companies to easily find common items and merge disparate data from multiple item masters into one, even when the standard cross-references are not in use (UPC,Vendor Part Number, etc).

Whether your company is consolidating multiple legacy systems into an ERP, or acquiring other companies and assimilating their systems into yours, epaCUBE Data Cleanser will add levels of efficiency and accuracy not otherwise available.

Here’s how epaCUBE Data Cleanser delivers real results

  • Data Cleanser identifies all duplicate items for elimination.
  • Fuzzy Logic matching crunches thru tens of billions of numeric and character-string comparisons between source and target systems to find most likely opportunities for matching items.
  • Presents all potential matches, ranked by confidence level, for the user to decide which target item matches the Source item in question.
  • If no exact match can be determined, then the Source item is recognized as new, and workflow guides the user thru processes ensuring that all item information available is accurate, and that all required missing information is identified.
  • epaCUBE’s browser based architecture to share the workload, allowing multiple users to operate all over the enterprise – each working their specifically assigned item groups.
  • epaCUBE’s Item Completeness Rules ensure that cleansed Source Data is properly converted to the new format, missing data is input, and complete item information is transferred to the Target System.
  • The end result is a single Item Master with all duplicate items removed, item data complete and up-to-date, and a degree of accuracy seldom achieved with item information.

See how the epaCUBE Product Data Management Suite can help you keep all your systems running smoothly with “clean burning fuel” in the form accurate, up-to-date product data.