Cleanse, synchronize and improve product data

Quality, synchronized product data is the fuel distributors require for their supply chain, production and pricing systems. As a distributor have you ever faced these challenges do to the poor quality of your product data?

  • Can you easily and accurately synchronize your item data electronically with your vendors and information providers (including 1Sync, Transora, WWRE, Trade Service, IDW, Material Express, etc.)?
  • While synchronizing data, do you evaluate the effects of vendor changes before applying them, preventing errors from adversely affecting your units of measure, costing, pricing, and your G/L?
  • Do you have the ability to internally synchronize this information across all your systems?
  • Have you tried to implement a web storefront simply to find that 90% of what your customer sees is product data and you don’t have a plan to correct this data.
  • Do you have the need to convert your item data to a new format when changing to a new system?
  • Do you need to fix and transform new or existing product data, correct descriptions find and complete missing information?
  • After cleaning your item data, can you easily keep it clean and current on an on-going basis?
  • Can you track and audit each and every change to critical product data?
  • Are you able to systematically comply with Sarbanes-Oxley legislation?
  • Are you struggling to manage the huge volume of nonstock or direct store delivery item information as well as your warehoused item information?

Most distributors share these same problems. Fortunately, epaCUBE Synchronizer™ helps you solve these problems and more to insure all your systems consistently have accurate and up to data product information.

"There are several benefits we found as used the epaCUBE Product Data Management solutions. We now have consistency in our data, such as product ID's, descriptions, product categories, lookup names and more."            -- Industrial Distributor

epaCUBE Synchronizer™ delivers real results

  • Reclaim an average of 0.75% in lost margin due to costs associated with the impact of bad product data on your business
  • Stop costly problems associated with shipping, billing, warehouse tracking and web site ordering due to bad or out of data product data
  • Work with Accurate data when using epaCUBE GPO & DPS modules to optimize pricing and gross margin to pick to 2-6% additional points to the bottom line.

The old “load and hope” method of managing product data just does not cut it anymore. Product data problems which used to be masked by small group of internal personnel can no longer be hidden when considering product data is used by not only internally, but externally with trading partners and customers.

According to the NAED (National Associate of Electrical Distributors) the average electrical distributor is losing 0.75% in gross margin each and every year due to bad product data related to product pricing.

Here’s how epaCUBE Synchronizer™ delivers higher margins to distributors

  • Create “one version of the truth” of master product data for all your system
  • Data synchronization and governance rules to keep product data accurate
  • Integrate outside trading partners and suppliers to your internal systems
  • Automated online processes to manage product data and costs
  • Accelerate the process and synchronize product data with ERP systems
  • Improve the accuracy of all product data
  • Fuzzy logic data for deduping or integrating acquisition data (date cleanser)

Click on the link here to see how the epaCUBE Product Data Management Suite can help you keep all your systems running smoothly with “clean burning fuel” in the form accurate, up-to-date product data.