epaCUBE Playbook for Gross Profit Optimization

Implementation & Business Process Optimization Services

Our implementation staff has a wealth of experience living and working in the distribution industry. We have used that experience to develop the “epaCUBE Playbook” to help distributors use our software to optimized their gross margins while improving the quality of the underlying product data.

We stand by our products with targeted & defined implementation roadmaps to help our clients quickly realize gross margin and product data quality gains.

At epaCUBE, we offer our customers professional services with:

  • Defined statement of work roadmaps
  • Specific goals with milestones
  • Customer sign off processes for each milestone
  • Customization of project plans for unique customer needs

These roadmaps include baseline plans to install, configure and train our customers on the use of epaCUBE.  In addition, Business Process Optimization Projects are pre-defined to help our customers maximize their return on investment.

Our implementation services extend beyond just our product knowledge. We offer a range of baseline implementation and business process optimization services that keep our clients at the forefront of their markets by aligning their processes with the industries’ best practices.