Implementation Services & Business Process Optimization Services

We stand by our products with targeted & defined implementation roadmaps to help our clients quicly realize gross margin and product data quality gains.

Our implementation services extend beyond just our product knowledge. We offer a range of baseline implementation and business process optimization services that keep our clients at theforefront of their markets by aligning their processes with the industries’ best practices.

Implementation and Business Process Optimization Services Include:

Product Data Management

  • Baseline Installation, Configuration & Training
  • Publishing Data to ERP system
  • Supplier Cost Loads
  • Extended Attribute and Product Taxonomy
  • Advanced Data Mapping Training
  • Catalog Product Management
  • Advanced Data Governance Rules
  • Data Matching for De-Dup, Acquired Product Files, Cross Reference
  • Customized Projects for unique customer needs

Gross Profit Optimization

  • Baseline Cost, Price, Rebate Modeling Management, Configuration and   Training
  • Profit Plays
    • SPA and Rebate Analysis for Gross Profit Improvement
    • Net into Stock Supplier Negotiation Plays
    • Pricing Matrix Change Opportunities During Vendor Price Update

Distributor Pricing Science

  • Profit Play: Building Optimized Customer and Product Segments
    • Visualization of customers buying behaviors
    • Price products in alignment within current strategies
    • Identify appropriate places to maximize profits and reduce risks
  • Profit Play: Building an Optimized Pricing Matrix from Segmentation Analysis
    • Obtain cooperative support from sales prior to implementing a price change
    • Export new pricing results for loading into  ERP.